Correction: Drones Are Not Being Used to Hunt for Dorner


Maybe they will become an inevitability? I think you can drop the maybe..I don't even think you're that naive about how this country operates.
I find it extremely odd that their claiming that the FAA has no requests for drones to be used in this search.

Given the proximity to the southern border, it's not like one, already calibrated for brown people even, isn't in the vicinity.

So, is the FAA's jurisdiction merely being ignored or perhaps are they simply hoping to gin up a public outcry in favor drone surveillance?
"The FAA says that's not true."

Oh, well that settles that then.
Nice obfuscated double speak... no denial that perhaps LAPD or ÇSP might be flying drones, only denial of fed activity, it seems...How do you evade a drone you can't hear which has IR, radar and high Res cameras looking for you. Just curious as to the tech and process.
Will you be correcting all of Chucks faulty “reporting” now?
You’re going to be very, very busy indeed…
1. Infrared.
2. False alarm, better to question the wrong answer on this topic imo.
Would you all have a problem using camera drones to help catch the South Park rapist?

...that's what I thought.