How Rich am I Going to Be?


Thrift store sweater rich.
It's sells on ebay for $24. You won't be that rich.
You can buy this plate on EBay right now for $19.99 with free shipping. Don't quit your day job.
$12 poorer, rich.
More importantly, what the balls were you doing in la connor? No reason to be there unless you were stalking Tom Robbins.
@2, it's OFFERED on Ebay for $24. The only one I can find that actually sold to some idiot went for $5.99.

These plates are worthless garbage, and thus are the perfect tribute to The People's Princess, who was also worthless garbage (though she did perform her sole function, plopping out a couple of usable heirs, before going off the rails).
You'll be lucky to get your $12 back.
WAIT A MINUTE, so I'm not going to be SO RICH when I sell this PLATE with a painting of Princess Diana on it??

It's nothing compared to my Spock plate.
@9 - You have a Spock plate?? I am extremely jealous. A Spock plate would look incredible next to the Di plate. Is this how people get really into decorative plates? It starts as a joke and then you just keep going?
With that plate to look at every day, you're already the richest person in the world.
I'll always regret not buying those Fargo snowglobes when they were offered at Blockbuster Video back when the movie came out. They had one of the wood-chipper scene.
I voted for "home tanning bed rich" because the air conditioning just kicked on again in our office. Having a stable core temperature would make you by far the richest person at The Stranger.
My friends and I each bought one of those plates at the LaConner thrift store a couple months ago. I am not surprised there were still some left.
I have a Queen's Silver Jubilee commemorative tin I will gladly sell you. It is a tiny british double-decker-bus containing tiny unappealing candies. And I will sell it to you because A) it will also make you filthy, filthy rich, and B) Cienna and Anna need to go on my patented SILVER JUBILEE CANDY CLEANSE! Do not mind the fact that the stale little candies are now thirty years old or so. That makes the cleanse even more powerful.

I'm distantly related to Princess Diana. Seventh cousins once removed if I remember correctly.

I'm also related to Nathan Hale.
@10 I think that's how all collections start.
I want a People's Pope plate. Just so I can smash it into tiny, tiny pieces. Atom-sized pieces if possible.
As a former Bradford employee I would say you are-$12 rich.
@11: <3
The plate's worthless without the wooden frame. You could sell those legwarmers you're wearing on your arms for a nifty fifty though.
That's your grandpa's sweater.
$12 poorer?

I earn probably at least 5x what you do and I can't afford to be purchasing trivial crap like this.
Well it is a beautiful plate.