President Obama Is About to Get "Hitlerian" in the State of the Union According to Teabaggers


I would really love to see a visual representation of his thought process as it pertains to 'liberals' being the new 'nazis'
Considering Republicans, Conservatives, and (especially) the teabaggers are the ones stamping their feet and dragging their heels over even the smallest no-brainer legislation that might better our country, I would love to see Obama call them out on it. Even if he did so (and I doubt he will) it will only be "Hitlerian" in the fact that he'll be standing behind a podium as he gives his speech.
Well to be fair the actual NAZI's were authoritarian centrist, much like the current administration. You know the "National SOCIALIST German Workers Party" ?

Obama has shown that he is fine with military action in other nations, and that he is OK with the extrajudicial killing of American Citizens, the denial of due process of law, having a media apparatus that is compliant with the regime, as well as being for gun control, all of these were also NAZI policies.
Phillips would know about Nazis.…
Obama would look weird with the little mustache. And can he even speak German.
Do all Tea Partiers obtain their historian credentials at Dunning-Kruger University?
First, they came for the tea-baggers, and I didn't speak up because - well, because, the fucking tea-baggers have been whining about them coming after them for so long now, that I just couldn't spoil the one moment in history when they finally got something right.
Proteus, where might you have purchased your history credentials? Do tell.