Leave it to Seattle's premier faggot-obsessed charlatan, the region's highest-profile crusader against gay rights, the Vatican's general in the war on "feminist themes"—Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain—to praise the "fidelity" of Pope Benedict XVI, a man so full of fidelity he leaves behind a papal smear of victims who say he conspired to cover up the Catholic Church's pedophilia escapades.

“We are losing a pastor whose papacy has been marked, not only by his profound fidelity to the Lord Jesus Christ and our Catholic faith, but also [by] his humble and gentle nature,” the bigot said about the Nazi.

But our hell isn't over.

Before Pope Benedict XVI was Pope Benedict XVI, he was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. And Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has an anti-gay vendetta against Seattle (ever since he failed to oust the wonderful, gay-friendly Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen from Seattle in the 1980s). By my reading of the situation, the only reason J. Peter Sartain is in Seattle at all is because Ratzinger wanted to appoint an anti-gay bigot in Seattle.

So even with Ratzinger gone, Seattle is stuck with Archbishop Sartain: the pope's hateful mini me.