Matt Watson is a musician and barista at All City Coffee in Georgetown. Well, he's presumably still a musician, but now he's a former All City Coffee barista. Rachel Belle explains why:

Two weeks ago Matt started the website Bitter Barista, where he posts snarky Tweets about his life behind the espresso machine.

"The coffee of the day is an Ethiopian dark roast blended with broken dreams and despair," reads one of the tweets on Bitter Barista...Only two weeks after its creation, Bitter Barista was getting thousands of hits and it caught the attention of the coffee-centric website Sprudge revealed Matt's real name and the name of the coffee shop. Matt was promptly fired.

One of the main complaints a Sprudge co-founder has about Bitter Barista is that the tweets were written on the clock. Watson says he has received job offers from other cafes since the story broke. What do you think?

(Via Mistress Matisse on Twitter.)