I fucking love hockey. And plenty of you love hockey too. So why aren't we all watching hockey together!?

Lets fill this place with hockey fans!
  • Kelly O
  • Let's fill this place with hockey fans!
Next Tuesday, February 19th, the Angry Beaver is opening its doors to us to host the first ever Slog Hockey Happy Hour!

They have poutine (with three different kinds of gravy, including vegan options!), burgers, fish and chips, drink specials for us Slog hockey fans, and a bunch of TVs to show all of the games. Wear your jersey! Bring your foam fingers! Cheer on your favorite teams and laugh when Burrows gets a penalty!

It'll officially start at 5 pm, and here's the game schedule for the evening (obviously feel free to show up early if your favorite team is playing an earlier game—all times PST):

Winnipeg vs Buffalo at 4 pm
Montreal vs NY Rangers at 4 pm
NY Islanders vs Ottawa at 4:30 pm
Toronto vs Tampa Bay at 4:30 pm
San Jose vs St. Louis 5 pm
Detroit vs Nashville (GO PREDS!) 5 pm
Vancouver vs Chicago 5:30 pm
Los Angeles vs Edmonton 7 pm

Next Tuesday, February 19th! Save the date! I'll see you then!