Spoiler alert: "The state of the union is strong!" There. You heard it here first. But hear it yourself, from the president's mouth, as Obama delivers his State of the Union Address tonight, at 6 pm. Expected topics include the economy, stupid, and the withdrawal of 34,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of next year. And don't forget to tune into Slog for live coverage.

If I threaten the president, can I get a ticket to the State of the Union Address too? Armed nut-bag rocker Ted Nugent will attend the State of the Union Address as the guest of armed nut-bag Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas. But Nugent promises not to be carrying any weapons into the Capitol... which means it's our chance to finally git him!

Oh no! Better bomb Iran! Angered by the sloppy narrative of the recent Red Dawn remake, North Korea set off a several kiloton nuclear test yesterday. Speaking off the record, an unidentified Pentagon official cried "Wolverine!"

The "family values" party: Former Republican congressman and Tea Party hero Joe Walsh, who lost his bid for reelection in November while fighting accusations that he is a "deadbeat dad," has reportedly filed court papers seeking to terminate child support payments now that he is unemployed.

The "law and order" party: Former Florida Republican Party chair Jim Greer has pleaded guilty to grand theft and money laundering charges.

Ted Nugent reportedly not involved. A Texas man allegedly shot and killed a suspected drunk driver who struck and killed his two sons on a dark, rural road. Justice?

Guess Sheriff Urquhart will be running unopposed. Former King County Sheriff Steve Strachan, who lost a special election in November, has been named the new police chief in Bremerton.

Perspective: An employee at Seattle's St. Therese Catholic Academy has been suspended after he allegedly removed his belt and hit two children in the buttocks with it, which in his defense, isn't the worst thing that's ever happened at a Catholic school involving children's buttocks and removing one's belts.

And finally, the MAP testing rebellion continues to grow: