A Proposal for a Survivalist Paradise in Idaho


...and once they are all snug in their city can we lock them in?
Charles, this is old news, man. Get on the ball.
Oh good. Another Branch Davidian compound. I'll have to stock up on matches and kindling.
@3: They're (planning on) building it out of stone. Probably for that purpose. I'm all for these compounds. Concentrating the crazy into centralized locations just makes them easier to find.
You think a pair of Black lesbians would be warmly welcomed there, in the spirit of Rightful Liberty?
I can't wait to hear all the idiots, who have sold everything they have worked for to live in this insane asylum, talk about what a hell they moved into.
A paradise in Idaho?

Surely you can't be serious.
First thought: "The Freedom Ship." Another Libertardian fantasy project that some grifters started a decade ago to live off the "investments" of easy marks. Amazingly, the Freedom Ship website is still up. http://www.freedomship.com/

To be charitable, these Citadel dudes don't need to overcome the little engineering obstacle of building THE LARGEST SHIP EVER FLOATED, so it's * technically possible* they could pull this off. Still, without a little Warren Jeffs style mind-control, the idea sounds untenable.

Did anyone dig deep enough to find out what the *total* application fee is? Of course, you get it all back minus 33 bucks, right? :lol:

IANAL, but I suspect that someone is planning to live off the fees for a while, then go Chapter 7.
Jeffersonian? Where are they going to find the black people to dress up and play slave to make the whole thing work?
well, if there's density there, i'm in!
That is beautiful country there. They are wrong to think the lumberjacks and farmers are of like minds though.
This is pretty old news. They discussed this on The Daily Show back on January 29th, and didn't fail to mention that Glenn Beck was long ago staking his claim in this avenue of crazy, which he called "Independence, USA."
Thomas Jefferson's ideal was for people to live on farms, with families spaced widely apart. He never envisioned fortresses.