Are You In the Mood For Love?


Well, unless you're a fecophiliac.
$38 per person?!
Valentine's Day = overpriced "event" menu w/ limited selections. But agreed: too many people get the order of romantic dinner & physical romancin' confused. The last thing y'wanna do after a big old meal is the horizontal mambo.

IF you have to go out on Hallmark Day, Valentine's Brunch & then hooking up later for nookie = FTW.
Where the hell is the raw oysters on the half shell, marscapone-&-chocolate stuffed raspberries, and steamed fig chocolàt sexy?

These people are doing it wrong.
Remember boys, take your zinc tablets today and tomorrow, you will thank me later.
Hmmmmm, RN74? Looks like their menu. Love that place.
Romance and Sex are opposites of each other.

Romance is dinners and flowers and candles and so on.

Sex is sweaty and dirty and awkward.

Romance often kills the desire for sex. It's too formal, too controlled, too inflexible. Sex is the opposite.

Romance and sex both hold important roles... just not together at the same time.

Just my opinion.
@6 romance can be love and intimacy, it can be vulnerable and understanding, it can be casual and unscripted. You're describing "dating" which may or may not involve "romance".

Sex isn't always sweaty or awkward (it is always messy, though "dirty" is something else entirely).
I really thought shaved balls came with the risotto before I looked at the text more closely.
#fuckfirst, Best Advice EVER.

Nothing kills an erection like a full belly, never mind the cramps and possible loose stools.
In a webcomic I read - PVP - in an older strip, two guys are talking, & one says to the other that he's confused, his lady isn't acting happy, even though they've recently been romantic. Guy #2 corrects him, says sex & romance aren't the same thing. Think of romance as the currency with which you purchase sex, he says. Guy #1 responds: well, she must be about to raise prices. Guy #2: inflation touches us all.

(Badly paraphrased, apologies.)
The ling cod sounds tasty and it may indeed set the mood - provided you don't mind the fishy smell.
In what world is mac and cheese and appetizer?

In Dan's part of the world they think cheese is a condiment and purple is a flavour. Having macaroni and cheese as a starter seems relatively constrained.
Dan's advice is true for the 40+ crowd, but back when I was young, I could eat anything & still feel great.

@2 I can't tell if your surprise at the price is that it's only $38 per person for 3 courses, or you're surprised that it's as much as $38 per person!

My price perception is warped by big cities (NYC, London) where anything under $100 pp is cheap and even at that price, the vegetables and a potato/rice/starch are each sold a la carte as an add on.*

*although in the outer boroughs of major cities, equally amazing food from 1st gen. immigrants can be had for as little as $10 to $20 -- if you don't mind the plastic tableware and hole-in-the-wall surroundings, in fact, the food is often better than >$100pp. And the starch comes included.
@13: I was always confused by this fuck first mentality, until now. I figured as long as you don't top off two bottles at the table, you're fine. No fricken way I could girate after eating a meal like that... but my idea of filling is two squares of lasagna. Murica is weird.