BREAKING: Oversharing on Facebook Is Bad for Your Relationships


I'm gonna stick with loving the one I'm with...but also lusting after strangers AND posting about it when so inclined. It's fun and amuses me.
Hmmm...I prefer the "woe is me" posters to the "look how awesome everything is about my life" with bonus "sickly sweet motivational quotes/advice/declarations". Ugh!

No word on whether or not they had a control in place to account for the probability that people who have a propensity to overshare are just terrible relationship candidates in the first place.
Those studies have probably already been done in the past. I'm too lazy to look up the references in the article to verify though.
After about 3 minutes of looking at Facebook, I am ready to throw my computer into the ocean. No other website makes me feel that dirty.
I got on FB in 2007 to follow friends who had moved to India and weren't going to communicate any other way. Since they got back in 2009 I think I've visited FB three times. I'd suggest reading Failbook instead -- it's probably more entertaining than anything your real (or fake only-on-FB) friends are saying or doing.
I had one Facebook "friend" (we're more like acquaintances in real life) who has a habit of oversharing, is incredibly unsuccessful in dating, and includes that lack of success in his oversharing. Any woman interested in dating him, upon seeing his Facebook wall, would be wise to run for the hills, and, as far as I know, they all have, given the timeline of: he starts dating someone, they get to a point where she's likely friended him on Facebook, he's complaining about being single again.

Anyway, his self-loathing and misanthropy was finally too much even for me, and I recently unfriended him.
Oversharing and statements of irresponsible pessimism (e.g. woe is me-ing and blaming your misfortunes on bad luck instead of your own actions) are not necessarily the same thing... though they tend to happen together.
What's worse? Oversharing or vaguebooking?
If you use the internet and come to the conclusion that there are more potential mates for you I would expect that you're either using the internet wrong or you've sent out such a high volume of dick pics that someone's bound to at least say hi back.

One thing about Facebook.

You can delete it all!

In that way, it's more like saying stuff to your friends...and hope they'll never remember or repeat it.

Unlike most if not all of the rest of the Internet.

@9 I'd have to say vaguebooking is more annoying. A lot of the oversharers I'm friends with on Facebook are oversharers in any venue: on the phone, at a party, anytime they ingest alcohol, etc. Sometimes it's uncomfortable to read/hear, but it's easier to accept it's just part of their personality. Vaguebooking, on the other hand, is the FB equivalent of writing a weird blog post to troll for comments.
I find oversharing to be painfully obnoxious. both when people are overly pessimistic and doom-laden (bitching about how they can't keep a job or partner), or when they are constantly positive and talking about how great their life has been since "x" happened or whatever. but that's the persona a lot of people want to put out apparently. there have been plenty of people I've deleted for this, but usually they are also people I don't interact with any longer IRL anyway.

as for myself, I use my Facebook wall for shameless self-promotion, misanthropic observations, and flat out ranting like a madman. none of that seems to be the kind of stuff my girlfriend would prefer I just share with her.
Once a year is my average on FB.

I couldn't stand the constant updates and look-at-mes. But I'm anti-social and generally lazy, so that may have more to do with it than an appreciation of and attachment to the one I'm with.