DC Comics is publishing a new anthology of Superman stories titled Adventures of Superman. One of those stories is written by Orson Scott Card, who is a hateful homophobe. This move has proven to be quite controversial. Michael Hartney published an open letter about it that's making the rounds:

I can’t and won’t support the hiring of Orson Scott Card on Adventures of Superman. There’s a difference between having conservative political beliefs and being an active force of bigotry and hatred. Card is the latter. So draw away, Ethan Van Sciver, you fabulous Republican! Fine with me! Orson Scott Card, however, is in an entirely different, unjust league....Ugh. And of all the characters Card could have been hired to write, you give him Superman? The character that taught me to lead by example? To do the right thing, even when it was hard? To keep going, even when it seemed hopeless? What an insult. Kids are killing themselves. They are killing themselves in a climate of intolerance and homophobia publicly fostered by people like Orson Scott Card. You don’t have to contribute to this. You shouldn’t. You mustn’t.

Robot Six reports that DC Comics released a statement that reads:

As content creators we steadfastly support freedom of expression, however the personal views of individuals associated with DC Comics are just that — personal views — and not those of the company itself.

This does not resolve Hartney's point—the issue is not that Card holds hateful, homophobic personal views. The issue is that Card works at spreading his hateful, homophobic agenda. He's a board member of NOM. He's a figurehead for hateful homophobes, and he proselytizes against gay people. He has tied his name to the anti-gay agenda, and made himself an important figure in the battle against gay rights. He's the kind of guy that Superman would lecture, but instead DC made the choice to let him put words in Superman's mouth. There's a petition for DC drop Orson Scott Card from the anthology. I don't think it will work. But as the petition nears 10,000 signatures, it's important to note that some of DC's lower-selling titles only sell 40,000 copies a month, so this is not an insignificant number for them. It might make DC reconsider hiring Card in the future.