Help us out, readers! The Stranger is trying to reach the former students of Bow Lake Elementary school, located in SeaTac, Washington, who were in Mr. Dodge's sixth grade class in 2001. If you don't remember the specifics, you may remember this part: being drafted into an anti-pot letter-writing campaign. (If you were one of those kids, e-mail us).

Sixth-grade teacher Jason Dodge asked his class to write letters to the editor to The Stranger, taking us to task for running a comic by Ellen Forney titled "How to Smoke Pot and Stay Out of Jail." We still have the stack of handwritten letters.

For example: "My teacher has brought in a newspaper a couple weeks ago," wrote a youngster named Ken. "I don't think it is appropriate to help people who smoke pot to get away with it." And the students, under Jason Dodge's letter-writing command, really stuck by their talking points. As another student put it: "Are you trying to make people get addicted to smoking so that they can get addicted and later on 'die'!"

Those kids would have been about 11 years old at the time, but now are in their early 20s—and pot is legal. We're wondering where Mr. Dodge's students are today, whether they still feel the same way about pot, and how they voted on Initiative 502.

If you are one of these former students, or know how to reach them, please send us an email with the headline "POT LETTERS."