Gawker to Allow Its Readers to Create Their Own Gawker Blogs


Nick Denton is showing an astonishing ability to shoot himself in the foot. Between the terrible redesign, the dozens of click-bait pieces, and the decision to let any racist assclown with access to the Internet be a commenter, the Gawker blogs have become terrible. Sure, they still have some talented writers doing good work, but it's buried under mountains of shit.
I commented recent in Internet Evolution that something like what you're describing is what is needed.

There is clearly voluminous content being generated in comments none of the systems give it the proper and respectful tools for editing, revision and so on.…
I've started this at at Jalopnik (I work in the auto industry) and I'm still not sold. In theory, it's a cool idea, but I don't really see much coming from it other that usurped server space.
Getting a lot of suckers to blog for free is how Adriana Huffington got rich. I can see why Gawker would want to go that douchey route.
And how would this work for Slog?
Once we crowdsource the crowdsourcing, the internet will run on autopilot. The inevitable endpoint comes when the entire net is cats and sideboob.
I don't know about their implementation, but the model works pretty well for DailyKos.