Let's talk about my brain for a minute. You know... how advanced it is. To help you understand the advance-iness of my brain, let's use the most fanciest, most expensive crystal goblet in the world as a metaphor. Would you fill the most fanciest, most expensive goblet in the world with a daiquiri made out of motor oil, used Band-Aids, battery acid, toenail clippings, Cool Ranch Doritos, and donkey sperm? No, of course not—you'd be called a goblet murderer.

WELL, AH-HAH! I'VE LURED YOU INTO MY INSIDIOUS LOGIC TRAP! Because, just as you would not ruin the world's most precious goblet with such a foul concoction, neither would you fill the world's most precious brain with confusing television shows!

After decades of producing mindless gibberish—shows such as The Nanny, Mad About You, Home Improvement, The Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy, and any number of CSI, NCIS, and Law & Order spin-offs leap to mind—TV is now flipping the script and producing shows designed to make you "think." Unfortunately, after years of turning our brains to mush, we've actually lost the capability of cognitive thought! So what the networks want us to say is this: "By the shimmering sword of Perseus! This refreshingly edifying episode of Fringe is the mental equivalent of a soapy handjob from Helen of Troy (whose face and soapy handjobs launched a thousand ships)." However—thanks to our now mushy brainpans—what we're really saying is this: "Durrrrrr... me not understand. Why am lady in show wear pants? (Drrroooool)."

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