Love Notes


Love it!!
I really love the Canterbury even though it might look scary, the breakfast is actually pretty good!
Was it really random?
I must confess, I LOVE Sun Liquor! Christmas Eve Egg Nog made my thick thighs THICKER!
This I must confess:
I love cafe Presse.
Though their staff are often surly,
They're open late and early.
Inexpensive wine,
Sardine sandwich (mighty fine)
A sweet dessert selection,
And salade verte: perfection.
Oh I love the Crescent!
With neon luminescent,
Its karaoke brings
Great joy to all who sing
And nearly all who listen
(If liquor's in their system).

If you should venture north
To the outer limits of the hill
It's not in vain you venture forth,
If your stomach must be filled.
There lies a place with food so good,
You'll happily sip pitchy wood:
Restina, moussaka, souvlaki, and more
Stuffing faces is what Vios is for!
Do they donate $2 for every comment, even from the same commenter? Because I can keep going...
Drunk at 1am, we lumber
To Rancho Bravo's plunder
Of burritos, sublimely greasy
Quesadilla rich and cheesy
Jaurito's to wet my desire
Set my beefy heart on fire
Lovers share with one another
And neither suffers a hangover
I never realized it would be so cruel
to move to Ballard and away from Fuel.
Even tho we are new
I will profess to Love you True

Every time we eat at Glo's
Your water glass never really flows

We out-grew the Crescent as it may
But at "RPlace" we will stay

This is my first Valentine's Day with you
And everyday begins a new...
My favorite piece of the Capitol Hill:

Oh my dearly beloved Vivace—duh, the walk-up!
10+ years later I can once again enjoy the artistry of each foamy cup!

Nothin' wrong with the perfect Americano, but now hemp juice?! Woo-hoo!
The Dream Team: Don & Lisa: Such wonderful humans. Teal & Linda: So much love for youse, too!

Great people watching,
Great people stopping,

So much fun for me..
But, dearest Brian & Dale: RIP.

My love for Volunteer Park, whilst random, is not a mere lark
the dahlias and crows, the conservatory knows
frolicking with my dog leaves it's mark
I love my dear friend Johnny Cat
who on Capitol Hill is at
right above Broadway
the great "gay way"
where one can always say "who dat?"
Vivace has coffee, the best
the walk-up is where I must rest
on sidewalk, in chair
at people I'll stare
where they will come chat at my behest
SCS helps so many, nay, ME!
(it's tough being LGBT)
ashamed? I am not
SCS is a spot
where I can unload, cry and feel FREE!
Ah, The Crypt, it still lies on the 'Hill
but alas, it does not just lie still!
for it's wares make one wiggle
with joy, perhaps giggle
or moan when pain has had it's fill
I'm assuming my odes will all count
for donating $2 each is paramount!
The Slog and the Stranger
put the Weekly in danger
of drowning in the knowledge fount!
Take me to Victrola
But not for the granola.
I like their lattes and tangerine juice
And the barista said he liked my boots.
Aunque pues no venden tacos
Ni de pato ni de pavo,
Sigue siendo bien chingona
La comida de Rancho Bravo
Here, Mr. Hendrix, have a J
I rolled one for you this Valentines Day
When my derailleur is acting funny
I go get it fixed at 20/20
PEOPLE! You are to post them on the CHS post linked above. Not HERE! At least, not if you want them to earn financial remuneration.
All us freaks and hippies will think you are a butt-head
If you park at Central Co-op but shop at Trader Joe's instead
well for god's sake that's not what it said
Capitol Hill / is so over the hill / that it is now / Capitol of nil.
@24 is correct! You gotta post your love notes on CHS, over here, by noon! Sorry for lack of clarity!!!…