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Seattle am for rich folk!

Census says King County in top tier of places with more than 5% of households making $191,000 or higher!…

Give up your dream of getting fair shake here, plebeians..
@1 Which is it? Do we refuse to pay enough property taxes, as you're always alleging? Or are we rich elitists for raising our property taxes to pay for schools?

Good question. By what percent did this levy increase Seattle's property tax and what is the aggregate (effective) total rate after the levy.

And yes, with all those money bags, Seattle could fund a lot more of its own infrastructure instead of begging the feds...
I could not watch all of Rubio's speech. My eyes were itchy, and my nose was running because of all those straw men in the room.
I don't understand all the "hilarity" surrounding the drink of water. And I know it's tongue-in-cheek and meaningless, but I just don't understand what's even remotely noteworthy about becoming parched & cotton-mouthed during a period of prolonged speaking and seeking to alleviate that. I suppose he probably could have drank a bit more prior to the speech in anticipation and/or even positioned his bottle a bit more strategically, but I just don't see his failure to do so qualifying as comedy.
the state of the union is armed and delusional
@5 It means he's not ready for prime-time. The joke is that he, and many in the GOP, think that he is.
@5: It's because he had to grope down below to get it. There should have been a glass of water within graceful reach, and the sip would have been innocuous.
"But don't you worry—a self-regulating free market will handle this."

Free market? The USDA has SEVERAL not-at-all underfunded inspectors! Some meat factories are inspected as often as once a decade!! Regulatory capture never occurs in the USA!!! GOD DAMN, it's like Stalin's wet dream here!!!!
Yeah I'm with 5. He needed a sip of water during a speech? Hi-larious!!! Let's stick to mocking his positions, they're plenty laughable.
Now Bobby Jindahl, on the other hand, THAT was painful to watch.
All Rubio's dry mouth moments from the speech.…
actually ... I believe they have discovered that the "horse meat" is actually "donkey meat" ... not that it makes it worse or better ...
Meanwhile, in the department of watch-what-they-do-not-what-they-say:

Billionaire Banker Bandit Likely to Become Next Commerce Secretary…

You know the last time the USDA did a DNA analysis on a meat product? Never. (Fuck, they can't even bother to do routine bacteriological testing. "Inspected?" My ass.)

I'm starting to understand the genius of the Hong Kong-style barbecue shops. All the tastily-cooked creatures hanging in the window have their heads on, so you don't have to trust anyone regarding what's what.
@13 There's an awful dick joke in there somewhere.
He's human. I thought it looked casual and not staged if that's a bad thing. Watching Boehner this a.m. was odd. He is selling himself as a great guy, not at all gruff and obstreperous. A lover of children and dogs.