Bloomberg Ends Jail for Pot Possession in NYC


Actually, if you think about it, this will increase revenues to NYC, with fines, and decrease expenses (jail is not cheap).

New York is Seattle now.

Every place will be Seattle some day.
So, he's going to let his police department continue making this a fishing expedition? The right thing to do is to ignore the cannabis flowers and take action---demand papers and radio in a check to see if there's an excuse to escalate---only if there's reason to suspect wrongdoing in the first place.
He's fixing Giuliani's crackdowns in his 11th year in office (and not running for re-election). How incredibly brave of him to do so after the winds changed. He is such a great respecter of civil rights, especially those of minorities. It is almost as if stop-and-frisk wasn't greatly expanded by him. The only reason Bloomberg looks good here is because he had Giuliani before him. That should tell you how fucked up Bloomberg is.
Oh, and just in case anybody is wondering why Bloomberg is doing this, remember that his stop-and-frisk program (which he increased 600% over Giuliani) basically means that if you are black and in New York, you are going to be repeatedly unlawfully searched. This naturally has led to massive numbers of marijuana arrests and complaints that he is targeting minorities (which he is). By stopping the arrests of the stop-and-friskers, he can erase those numbers from his arrest stats and use the change in policy to deflect the criticism that his unlawful searches have generated.
What 4/5 said, Bloombergs, anti-civil rights, millionaire, media mogul, freedom hating ass should be hung for treason for his violation of the Bill of Rights.