Old Farts For Marriage Equality


Old "farts"? Please Dan, someday you'll be in that "category" whether you like it or not.
Is that the voice of Sarah Silverman? She's been great in doing these PSAs.

@1 Phoebe, I think you'll find "Old Farts" is a title embedded in the video itself, not something Dan added.

You just like finding excuses to accuse him of things, don't you? On this Valentine's Day, please take the opportunity to look into your own heart for a minute, and appraise what you find there.
@2: I know, I overreacted. I apologize Dan. That term sets me off because my father teased my mother with it (pot meet kettle).

As soon as I clicked post I realized it was part of the video. Too late. Sigh.


Did you ever have a conversation with a gay man, who potentially thinks you're gay, and he'll want to talk and talk and you'll think, hey, this is a new person to talk to.

And then the next day, he figures out you're not gay, and then suddenly it's like a big freeze, like you're saying "oh, hey, how's it going" and he's like "yeah, I'm busy".
Ms P.I. Wallingford, we all make mistakes now and again. But I must say overreaction looks sexy on you.
@4: Most of my male friends are straight men. Maybe it's you?
@4: You're straight. That means that about 95% of what goes on in American culture is targeted to you. Can you stop being a selfish ass and let gays have their 5% without whining about how you're excluded, please?

Thanks for a sweet post, Dan.
@4, Like Dan, I have a lot of straight male friends. Maybe it's your own actions you need to examine. I don't know many gay people who have an issue with having straight friends. It is typically the other way around.
Hey, has there been anything on Slog about Oregon putting marriage equality on the ballot in 2014? Basic Rights Oregon (well, the campaign arm, Oregon United for Marriage) is launching the ballot measure initiative today, with a bunch of events around the state...
That video put a huge smile on my face on this Single Losers Day. Don't mind me, just single and bitter here. Happy V-Day to all you lucky cocks and cunts who have someone and for fuck sakes appreciate them.
Hooray for fantastic old farts and courageous crones!!
Hey by the way, the Illinois Senate just passed a marriage equality bill through to the state house of reps.
Come on Illinois state reps.....git 'er done!
@4: I don't know about your particular situation, but a lot of straight guys do this to me (a lady) until they find out I'm married. It's a good way of finding out how shallow somebody is.
@4. Yeah. I have. I know why we do it. It's because somewhere along the line we fell for a straight guy in the hope that he would love us back - and he never did. Yet we invested a whole lot of energy in him and when it didn't come to fruition and he walked away without a single thought, we collapsed emotionally. I did that once. It took me ten years to get over it. It has come up again from time to time and I did exactly like you said - got "too busy". It's pretty simple really. Straight guys do the same with women.
kwodell, hugs* from a lucky cock who has been there before, many times. Many bitter V-days.

*These hugs come on the condition of not quoting Larry the Cable Guy again. Ever.
@4 Your straight male privilege. It shows.