A Week of Water-Drinking, Holocaust-Denying, and Rocks Falling from the Sky


Alithea continues to be my hero. That thread made me want to never speak to anyone again.
huh; nothing yet about the mayors decision to roll back the new parking tax in chinatown?? Is it free to park after 6 again south of downtown? give us some details slog news team.
I was just thinking, back when there was no Web and no e-books and lots of bookstores, browsing consumed a lot of my evenings. Often hours at a time and would jump between Elliot Bay, and Half-Price Books and Tower Books. It was a thing that I could do that combined (a) night time (b) standing up and walking around (c) searching for knowledge. Much of that was knowledge that I skipped or was not taught to me in school. After that you could get a coffee or late night snack and also bring the book and not look stupid doing that by yourself. It's not drinking in a loud bar, or dancing at a club, or writing on the Internet, or sitting in a seat and watching a movie. Those things are good, but they are not browsing books in a big book store. So what is that now? There is nothing that is that same thing.
Where was the holocaust denial?, she asked naively.
@3 The QA tower books was great for that. Nights of depression could be evaded by hunting through the shelves and then taking the trophy to the Mecca to gorge on pancakes and second-hand smoke.
@1: Oh me too! The gif she deployed was priceless! I wish I knew how to do that.
I didn't go back to that post, but I wonder if #84 whom Alithea responded to is the same person who thought that the shooting death of that South African model was really going to be tragic for the sprinter who shot her.
Ahh, I see now. When you can't make a sensible argument, you just declare a 'winner' of a comment thread. Cienna Madrid did this not too long ago as well, despite the fact that her supposed 'winner', like Alithea, made no sense whatsoever.

I suppose that's what passes for sanctioned discourse in SlogLand nowadays - an emotional argument expressing absolute shock and outrage that people don't see their side of the argument. Shaming them for daring to question the absolute horror that pampered, upper middle class daddy's girls have to go through every day. This, of course, is beside the fact that they A) have nothing to fear whatsoever, B) do not have exclusive ownership of rape victimization, and C) are equally or more 'privilged' than the people they're attempting to scold for being blinded by their own privilege. It's absurd.

Slog, where common sense and reasonable argument will get shouted down and scolded when it contradicts feminist victimization fantasy, but senseless shaming using fear mongering and nebulous 'privilege' arguments get you awarded 'comment winner.'

Congrats Alithea, you were blatantly wrong, short-sighted, self-deluded and paranoid - but hey, you 'won.' So who cares right?
RE: Alithea's "winning" comment.

So the moral here seems to be: When a bad thing happens, the most effective way to deal with it is to complain that it's unfair that bad things happen.

Good luck with that.
@9, also that good argumentation consists of emotional hand-wringing, ad-hominem attacks, false accusations of paternalism, threats of ostracization, shaming, sexism, access to 'special knowledge', and misrepresentation of her opponents position for the sake of constructing a straw man.

The best part about this 'win' is that Paul(?) actually decided upon a comment about how Alithea WOULD LOVE TO school everyone, but she isn't gonna do it right now. Well, damn, there's an insightful comment - a comment about how good her comment would be if she felt like actually saying something. Good choice Slog :(

I missed that comment thread, so I figured I'd check it out expecting some immature or intentionally troll-y comments. Nope, she stirred herself up into a fury over nothing.

Yo Gomez, when you see Alithea in real life, take that 'self-righteous middle finger' with pride. Bitch Crazy.
@7:Nah, not the same guy. And he actually kind of redeemed himself later in that thread after she had batted him about.
@8 & 10: Considering the size of the bee ya got in that beret of yours and the harrumph harrumphing coming out of Urgutha.....yeaaaaah I'd say Alithea hit a nerve. :)

Oh, and did you by any chance get a thesaurus for Christmas?
9, 10, knock it off. take that shit to the thread in question.
@11, people loudly being wrong tends to annoy me, yes. But I don't think 'striking a nerve' is much of a description of her comment. She missed the nerve and landed straight in her own anus with that one. Which is why I'm baffled as to how it 'won.' Would you care to defend it? Or at least, you know, respond to the points being made above you instead of just chiming in with failed attempts at cleverness?
Alithea seems like an ignorant cunt. Guys, if this bitch gives you the finger while walking the streets of Seattle, hit her with the dreaded "male gaze". And add an extra dose of "male privilege", just for kicks!
@8 Well said.

@13 You only show up to whine in the comments when you're butthurt by something someone said about feminism. Of course she's struck a nerve. It's the only one you've got.
Hit a nerve? I guess? After reading the original thread (which has become a complete trainwreck, btw) it seems the conclusion is:
Men are incapable of understanding how women feel, so men should not say anything at all about it. That, and men already have all the privileges in the world, so they don't need any more. Instead, men should listen to what women say, and what women are saying is that it really sucks but nobody's going to tell them what to do. Oh, and that men need to be told more often not to rape women.

Let me know if I interpreted it incorrectly.

Anyway, I won't bother saying anything else about it because I'm a man and therefore forbidden to speak about it. I guess that's a privilege I don't have even though I have all the privileges in the world.

Oh, and did you by any chance get a thesaurus for Christmas?
I don't get what you mean by this.
Yes, congrats on calling fellow human beings sacks of shit while decrying their ignorance of humanity.
@14: You play the banjo with that mouth? Your ability to deploy so much casual douchbaggery in such a short post is impressive. Brevity truly is the soul of wit. TortoiseTurtle could certainly learn a thing or two from you!

@16: I know right? This thread is cracking me up. Womenz is so meeeeeeeaaaann!

1) Yes you have interpreted it incorrectly. Which in your case makes me very sad.
2) The Thesaurus comment was directed at TortoiseTurtle.

@18: Why dirac! Thank you for the support!
@19 Just as I have a problem with fundamentalists of all kinds, I also have problems with ad hominem and other such irrational arguments being championed as some form of superior discourse. People seem to think that the loudest, most acerbic nonsense "wins" while in retrospect it does not. Of course, I don't mean the OP, with whom I agree.
You all know Alithea was fired by the Stranger, right? I am not sure why...I thought it might be for trying to write like Lindy West, minus the humor.
@2 They seem to have given up on local news here. I've noticed that too.
Well, if you care to explain what I got wrong, I'm all ears (there's no way I'm going to try wading through the mess in the OP).

I promise I won't snark back either, I'll just read whatever you post and let that be the last word.
@24: The point got lost in all the high emotion, and it turned into Thunder Dome. So I'll try to recap.
1st of all, lets be absolutely clear, no woman, Anna included, discounts the importance of personal safety. Personal safety is an universal concern. To suggest that women wish to live lives devoid of responsibility for their safety misconstrues the criticism, of that list of advice, and frustration from which that criticism arises.
Everyone, male and female, has ground rules that they follow to be safe. The problems with the rules given to women are these: They are vastly more restrictive than the ones applied to men. They are forever shifting, to the point that no matter what, if we get raped there will have been at least one rule we will have neglected to have followed and thus we will be held culpable for our rape. Thirdly, despite our best efforts to protect ourselves rape still occurs at an alarming rate.
The rules are not enough. The culture needs to change. And a lot of that change is going to have to come from men. When something is not working, we need to try something else.
And again, to be clear, not instead of looking out for our personal safety, but in addition to doing so. In the end, and we all know it won't happen over night, we want to live in a world where we face the same level of risk in our day to day lives as you do. We want to do the things you take for granted like take a run, on a popular jogging path, in a nice neighborhood, before work. That's what the third attack victim was doing. And she was following most of the advice on that list. Simply reiterating the list, isn't enough but unfortunately that's mostly all that keeps happening. In addition, when we point out that the status quo isn't working,often (too often) we are accused of whining, wanting to live lives devoid of responsibility, have our level of risk minimized, or told that there's nothing that can be done so shut up.

You can imagine that pisses us off.

There are many men who are trying to change our culture, and I'm sure that you would be one of them.
I hope I've helped clear up any misunderstandings.