At least I presume that the person who used the artist's name in the comments to this Stranger story is, indeed, the noted artist herself.

Walker was invoked by name in the story by a source posing an analogy between Walker's use of shockingly horrifying slavery caricatures and Charles Krafft's use of shockingly horrifying Nazi symbolism:

"If you were a Nazi sympathizer and selling Hitler paraphernalia by the side of the road, you'd be killed," [Tim] Detweiler said. "But [Krafft is] selling it at the highest-priced stores and at galleries all over the country... It would be like if Kara Walker came out after doing all these years of pickaninnies"—Walker is an African American artist who makes cartoonish silhouettes of horrible scenes from slavery—"and said, 'Oh, through my research, I've found that the slave trade was not as bad as we thought—the numbers were exaggerated and the slaves had more choice than we thought.' What would you think of her work then? I mean, I don't know. My head's spinning, to be honest."

Krafft responded:

"The difference between me and Kara Williams [sic] is that she gets to play the race card and I don't because I'm an unregenerate white heterosexual male," Krafft protested. "Has Kara Williams [sic] ever not cut a race based silhouette? Does she even know that the first person on record as a slave owner in America, Anthony Johnson, was black?!"

Here are the Walker comments:



Being invoked without being consulted, while it probably doesn't feel great, seems like a fair price to pay for being a famous artist. But what sticks with me that she wrote is this: "It never fails to surprise me how willing some folks are to render such racism invisible." And this: "I am not too sure my name should be bandied in this article as an example of the 'good negro' who's on the right side of the law." Walker has been widely criticized—pretty much from all sides. She hasn't been on the "right side" of any "laws." Krafft, like many self-appointed rebels, might describe someone like Walker as representative of an imaginary PC establishment, but that's just half-witted bullshit.

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