Local Anarchists Play a Round of CAMOVER


Ugh, glamorizing the teen hoodlum that notoriously made headlines for his crime spree that originated here in the NorthWest. Dipshits.
I like it, and I hope the Puget Sound represents. Where can I place some online bets?
Yeah, more evidence that anarchists are nothing more than petulant shits.
Aren't the people in Europe making a statement against tax payer funded government cctv in public space? What statement are people on the west coast making other then expressing their love for smashy smashy private property
I agree with 4. Unless those are government funded cameras in that photo, this has zero to do with the EU protest and more to do with jackasses.
I'm sure those businesses or homes that used those cameras to protect their property also have a direct feed to the secret room beneath the White House where President Obama personally watches our every move. Good job, kids!
This is the kind of activity that will hasten the coming of the domestic drone.

"Well, we tried to use cctv cameras, but kids kept destroying them so we were forced to use drones in order to protect the citizenry"
@4/5 I don't know exactly what groups are involved in the German one but I think the main argument is that the logic of the capital is not ment to fence in our existance - so its not only about the state.

@7 well its ok they got that covered as well. Taking down a drone isn't that tricky after all - plus is that an argument? I mean "resisting something bad will only make it worse - so just go limp instead"?
I'm not saying these kids has got it right or anything - just that its a very strange counter argument.
@8: I am simply stating what I think a possible response from the SPD may be, since they were essentially forced to mothball their drone for now. But vandalism and crime is the one reason to install cctv cameras, and if people are routinely destryoing them, the city will find another option to watch the streets, and drones are the current top tech in that department.

I personally do not think it is a good argument, but one I can see being made, which is why I put it in quotes.

fuck yea camover. NW represent.
Wow, yeah, you're right. The reason we have metal-framed billboards today is because people in the 70s and 80s cut down or torched wooden billboards across the country ... because they are eyesores and cause more accidents.

So yeah, we should just lie down and accept whatever they do to us, we can't really resist anyway. It's not like ... zzzzz
So if qroup of anarchist want to live together in their commune and by their rules, that's cool, but if a group of people living in belltown want security cameras on their own property, that's not? This is why anarchist are a joke, they still want to enforce a way of life, just their way of life. Anarchist are just as bad as fascist, they want you to see things from their world view and use violence to do so.
Mikhail Bakunin was a crazy anti-semite imperialist.
Fucken rad!

Good to see citizens strike back against the all seeing eye.

German Anarchist will always have a place in my heart.

Rigaer Strasse!