CAMOVER is a game proposed by anarchists in Germany, in honor of an EU police congress taking place in Berlin on Feb 19. The idea of the game is to "destroy as much cctv-cams as possible" (pardon the awkward auto-translation):

For this we decided to announce a competition. For joining in you need a group with a name that starts with command…, briagde…, etc. and ends with a historic person. The only other requirement for you is to be aware of internet-safety...

The CAMOVER game ends with the 19 february 2013 – the day when the european police congress in Berlin is being held. The winner may walk in the first line of the demonstration against the cops on 16 february and crouch down to avoid being hit by flying cams.

Some prize.

But a few locals decided to form the "Barefoot Bandit Brigade" and went to work, claiming to have "removed and destroyed 17 security cameras throughout the Puget Sound region."

  • Barefoot Bandit Brigade

From the German CAMOVER site:

The reactions were due to the CAMOVER video actually globally and despite all our skepticism about social behavior and communication on the Internet to the conclusion that cameras and even government surveillance generally encounter huge rejection and vice versa

Here is the Jan 3 video launching the "competition." Will the Puget Sound round of CAMOVER end with any arrests? We'll have to wait and see!