Sam Bellomio, a familiar local gadfly, is running against incumbent Mike O'Brien for Seattle City Council, according to paperwork filed with Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission.

Bellomio is vice president of Stand-UP America, a group that routinely seizes time during public testimony at council meetings to make vague, angry charges of government malfeasance that have little or nothing to do with the meeting agenda. They regularly raise their voices during testimony, arguing that they don't have enough time to speak, but they rarely—if ever—make any salient point. Here he is recently haranguing the King County Council. Bellomio is first to speak, wasting about one minute complaining that he has two minutes to speak instead of three minutes:

Bellomio, who did not respond to a call or e-mail this afternoon, is also registered as a member of Campaign for Liberty, a group that aims to "Restore the Constitution" and un-ironically backed the presidential candidacy of Ron Paul.