Slog Poll: Who Gets the Free Passes to "The Art of Video Games" Tonight?


arse, you silly, silly man
Swearengen, in such dire need of growing up, shouldn't be playing so many games.
I'm having a hard time deciding here. I had basically the same experience as Arsenic7 playing FF6 and other FF games.

However, Dirge's revelation regarding playing a villain is a potent one, and I've had similar experiences that have caused to avoid playing truly "evil" characters. hmm.

I really missed this chance, but my moment was in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater:

At the end of the game, you fight your teacher and mentor, a female soldier who betrayed America, simply called "the Boss." Throughout the game, you have flashes about your experiences together, and the game does a great job of essentially making her out to be your war-mother. The woman who created and formed what Solid Snake became to be.

Naturally you win the fight, and as she lies in a field of white flowers, she begins explaining her past, including how she gave herself a C-section in the middle of a battlefield once.

"One must die and one must live. No victory, no defeat. The survivor will carry on the fight. It is our destiny... The one who survives will inherit the title of Boss. And the one who inherits the title of Boss will face an existence of endless battle."

The futility of it all really struck me, as long as the craziness of having to kill someone who has helped you so much, and is going to die just because it is the cycle of war.

Then, as the camera zooms out, it just stops, and you realize that the cut scene has ended, and the only way to continue is to hit the "fire" button, putting a final bullet into her head, as the white flowers become a cascade of red.

It makes you shoot the woman who created you in the head, simply because that is the path chosen for you by the shady cabal running the world.

Chilling and impactful, I will never forget the first time I was forced to kill what was possibly my favorite video game character of all time.
On the one hand, Arsenic's story highlights the expressive power games have as a medium. On the other, fazzyfaz's story shows the power of being able to assume an identity through gameplay.

Arsenic shows us that games can do the things other art forms do. fazzyfaz shows us that they can do things other art forms can't.
"He was less proud than one might expect."

Classic. Got my vote.
I had to vote for Arsenic's condensed version of what made FF6 such a great game, but I also loved the cold bit of logic from Knat's dad.
"Then, as the camera zooms out, it just stops, and you realize that the cut scene has ended, and the only way to continue is to hit the "fire" button, putting a final bullet into her head, as the white flowers become a cascade of red."

@4: You just reminded me why that game was so great, and that's a fantastic example. I had forgotten the details of that scene. First time I played that, I literally tried everything else I possibly could for like five minutes, rather than have to be the one to put a round in her.

Also, the Bond-style music of the intro is second-to-none.

@6, 7: Glad to read that. I hoped that the first entry might make some people chuckle.

And if it would help my candidacy to kiss some babies, I'm willing to do so. Just throwing that out there.
They were all pretty great, though I think I'm gonna go ahead and reward knat there for his pandering. Though he might wanna consider upping from pander to bribing if he expects to seal the deal.
Candidate "kiss some babies" Knat is currently in the lead! We'll have to wait and see how this horse race plays out but if Knat can avoid any scandals before the votes closes AND does well in the upcoming (I assume?) debate... he might just pull out the win!
Swearengen, Fazzyfaz and Dirge have been rumored to be possible Fox News contributors in the likely case that they are defeated in today's vote.
The big question is what effect the gay ethnic vote will have in deciding this vote. I'm going to say it WILL have an impact... Stay tuned for more analysis!
@4: that is definitely one of the most powerful moments in all of gaming. it's proof that Kojima isn't incompetent.
@9: I am not above that, though I do think I would limit it to a hard cap of $29, for the sak-- Waitaminute! Gotcha journalism! Why don't you get a real job!
Candidate Knat loses temper at questions regarding the rumors of illegal campaign financing. Lead narrows as Candidate Arsenic "Liberal Crier" 7 builds up votes.