The Better Bombshell


wow, that ... went kinda sideways at the end. hunting your own food leads to child pornography?

I'm not sure what the moral of this story was.
I was with her, too, until she went after women acting in porn. Fuck you.
Vanilla story for such a colorful picture. I would have gone post-apocalyptic.
Would like to point out, FWIW, that one of the presenters of "21st Century Bombshells" is the remarkable Ming Lauren Holden, whose "Survival Girls" essay describes young women in Congo who cope with the trauma in their lives through creative writing. She's the cousin of, ahem, the Stranger's own Dominic Holden.
Something tells me this particular person will not be vilified for taking a liking to guns.
@2, Took the words out of my mouth. Gun and bombs=porn? WTF? And normal porn is the same as child porn? For fuck's sake!?
@5 - Your true colors come out every so often.

What's wrong with liking guns? I like shooting guns. Love it -- it's a blast.

I also like narcotic painkillers. Love them, in fact. But that doesn't mean I think I'd be better off with a stash of Percocet in my house. And I don't think passing painkillers out to the population at large with no questions asked is a good idea either. There must be limits.

Most gun owners support the same things I do: allowing scientists to study the causes of gun deaths, universal background checks, limiting magazine size, giving law enforcement what they need to do their job, and banning assault weapons. I don't have a problem with guns, and I don't have a problem with most gun owners.

I only have a problem with the NRA's bizarre, judicial activist notions about the Second Amendment, their lobbying efforts to help criminals and the mentally ill have unlimited access to guns, and their refusal to accept any measures in any way, shape, or form that mandate gun owners take responsibility for their guns and the harm they can cause.

Another day, another straw man from Theodore Gorath. Guess tomorrow will be more of the same.
One thing that bugged me was the lead up: "How would you redefine the female role model—especially if you didn't have to follow any rules of the real world in figuring it out?"

Then the story is something strongly inside the confines of our world. Yawn.
Horrible and false premise for a charity. This is disgusting self promotion and self publication of a worthless book considering a young girl has no interest in the artists nor topic(s). Maybe promoting women who really truly provide good role models for others would be valuable. This is a showcase of mediocrity not of any valuable worth such as ohhh lets see maybe a genuine honorable roll model such as Belinda Gates?
To say nothing of comparing Laphroig to rubbing alcohol. A person of no discernment whatsoever.