Remember when I told you that hateful homophobe Orson Scott Card's story in an upcoming Superman anthology set off some controversy?

Slog tipper Shawna points out that a total of four comic book stores are refusing to carry the comic with Card's story. According to Robot 6, the stores are Zeus Comics in Dallas, Whatever Store in San Francisco, I Like Comics in Vancouver, Washington, and Ralph’s Comic Corner in Ventura, California. Comic book fans are being totally reasonable about these small business owners' decision to not carry a book by a creator they consider to be an active agent of hatred.

Just kidding! They went crazy, right on schedule. Although to be fair, I have to admit that the amount of right-wing bullshit that I see in the comments on comics blogs seems to be decreasing. Unless there's a popular new right-leaning comics blog I don't know about, there's a lot less hatred than there used to be. But there are still a few freaks hanging around:

It’s disturbing to see how a small number of people of a particular sexual orientation can inluence the culture so much. Seems to me that the actions of the homosexual community in regards to those who oppose their lifestyle is rather oppressive. Although they are always screaming about tolerance, I don’t see too much f of it from them.

I will buy multiple copies, out of spite. It’s staggering how the homosexual community, when shown any opposition, of any degree, throws around the words hatred, bigot, homophobic, hatemonger, etc.
This is the real world. People don’t have to be tolerant. People don’t have to be accepting. People don’t have to be accommodating of anothers opinion. Being offended over every thing must be a miserable way to live.
Get over yourselves.

All this a bunch of horse hockey. Don’t like the author, don’t buy his stuff. You want to buy it, but it !

Superman would believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. Ma and Pa Kent raised him right.

I have already instructed my retail store to purchase and additional 20 copies for me. So all it really takes is four more people to do the same, and this is utterly offset. Nice try to make a guy lose his job because he doesn’t agree with your agenda.

Homo-sexuals seriously need to get off their high horse and stop ramming their own opinions down our throats (no pun intended). It’s just tacky (and I know how they just HATE that).