So, the sister of a girl who attended President Obama's speech on Friday was killed that very same day.

And the Gun Nuts argue that such things prove gun control laws don't work. Chicago has some of the toughest in the nation, so tough the Supreme Court struck them down. So there's no point in having gun laws, since criminals disobey the law, and blahblahblah.

By the same logic, of course, the fact that hit and runs occur when some criminal drivers don't stop at red lights means that we should have no traffic laws requiring people to stop at red lights. The real issue at hand is that without a required, universal background check for gun purchases, straw buyers like this asshole will go to places where the gun laws are lax, buy duffel bags full of guns without background checks required, at gun shows. And then cross those pesky state lines and country lines and city boundaries and sell the guns to the bad guys. Money quote:

As he sold four handguns in a South Side parking lot last year, Levaine Tanksley boasted to his customer that there were plenty more illicit weapons available, investigators say.

"Twenty-five more in four hours," Tanksley told his customer, who was secretly working for law enforcement and recording the conversation. "Give me $5,000 and you can put your order in then. I'll get you whatever, give me a list."

Buying a gun should be at least as difficult as getting a driver's license (if not an abortion). And a national database of who bought what gun when, then matched up against crimes, would make it oh so much nicer for our legendary law-abiding Second-Amendment respecting gun owners to live in peace, since it means fewer bad guys with legally-bought guns.