Chris Brown Is Not a Rapper...


First reaction: "Camille Paglia's still alive?" Second reaction: "If it's all going to sound like, 'Not since Diana rocketed from a shy, plump kindergarten aide to a lean, mean fashion machine has there been such a ravishingly seductive flirtation', I think I'll pass."
Can we just agree that Molly Ivins said everything about Camille Paglia that needed saying, two decades ago, and otherwise ignore Paglia?
God I hate Camille Paglia. She's a bubble of bullshit held together by the surface tension of her own narcissism.
I'm with all three of you - Camille Paglia has no real insights and just babbles on. Horrible and I can't believe anyone still listens to her without laughing.
HOWEVER . . . I admit that I ALSO had no idea that Brown was not a rapper!
@3: THANK YOU. She's horrible.
Lissa @3, your comment is sheer brilliance.
piling on: Lissa @3, your erudition kicks the living shit out of anything that Paglia bitch ever scratched with her crusty finger-scabs. You made my fucking day.
Totally. Paglia makes her living exclusively on being a right-wing PoMo-insufferable "feminist" contrarian. I'm sure she lives well on being called up to defend various subjects as "even the ~liberal feminist~ Paglia must admit..."

I wish her and Huffington would disappear and never speak a word in public again.
Paglia is another in a long line of self-important NYC intelligentsia blowhards. It's an industry over there, a multi-million dollar circlejerk of intellectual masturbation.

Thank you, Mr. Schmader, for willing to be their bukkake target and tell the rest of us what we're not missing.
Camille's ongoing descent into dementia is so sad. She used to at least stay vaguely on topic in her essays and be entertaining to boot. No references to Kate Winslet or Brazilian female body types at all, and it took until the very final few paragraphs before we got a mention of Camille's pet fav Madonna and a slam on Lady Gaga. And now that I think about it, wouldn't a much better basis of comparison for this essay have been between Rhianna and Madonna, considering the latter's own well-publicized and tumultuous relationship and marriage with Sean Penn? You slippin', girl.
Aww you guys. ::blush:: Thank you.
I feel a little dirty after reading that, although it did suck me in. I'm trying to wrap my mind around the implied comparison between Chris Brown and Prince Charles, or the characterization of Princess Dianna as someone intensely vain. Really?

And yes, Paglia is a cunt and a poor excuse for a "writer."
Yes, please give Lissa the coveted Gold Star Comment award today!