When Love of a Good Bear Claw Goes Bad: During a two-year investigation, Fish and Wildlife detectives made contact with 75 people allegedly involved in trying to buy and sell illegal animal parts—like bear parts, eagle heads, and cougar meat—on the local black market.

Mistaken Robbery or Act of Rage? Sources are claiming that Oscar Pistorius, the double-amputee Olympic runner whose girlfriend was fatally shot on Valentines Day, called his family after the alleged shooting, not police. The Guardian reports that unconfirmed but allegedly credible reports have also leaked that a bloodied cricket bat was found at the residence, that neighbors reported hearing the couple fight that night, and that police have requested Pistorius submit to drug tests. "All sources dismissed the theory that Pistorius mistook Steenkamp for a burglar," states The Guardian.

Children Are What They Watch: A Seattle-based study on children's television viewing habits suggest that the more educational programming children watch, the more likely they are to be respectful and well-behaved.

My Retirement Plan Is Never Retire: Study predicts that over half of Americans age 30 and older are wholly unprepared for retirement.

One Face of Human Trafficking: A 28-year-old law student recounts how her dad, a concert violinist and United Nations consultant, married her 12-year-old mother, trafficked nine members of her family from Bangladesh, and then kept them prisoner on his rural Washington farm for years. He was eventually convicted of sexually molesting several children.

#IWILLNEVERDIE: President Hugo Chavez announces his triumphant return to Venezuela via Twitter, after a long stay in Cuba for cancer treatment.

Space Rock Party Foul: The meteor that broke apart over Siberia last Friday left an "ominous" path of destruction in its wake—"behind unshattered apartment windows, glass jugs were said to explode into shards, dishes to crack, electronics to die. Balconies rattled. One man said a bottle broke right in his hand," reports The New York Times.

A Majority of Americans Believe in Equal Work, Equal Pay, Etc: Fifty years after The Feminine Mystique, historian Stephanie Coontz explains how our country's economic and political climate remain decades behind our progressive personal ideals:

Today the main barriers to further progress toward gender equity no longer lie in people’s personal attitudes and relationships. Instead, structural impediments prevent people from acting on their egalitarian values, forcing men and women into personal accommodations and rationalizations that do not reflect their preferences. The gender revolution is not in a stall. It has hit a wall.

Country Singer Mindy McCready: Dead at 37 from an apparent suicide.

Mustache Tumors and Hidden Depression: Celebrate Presidents' Day with a look at five biographies full of presidential secrets. No, wait—fuck those other presidents, today is really George Washington Day.

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