Newt Gingrich has become self-aware, according to the Huffington Post. Here he is, criticizing the Republican Party on ABC's This Week:

“[Democrats] are a Super Bowl team that we ought to respect deeply, and we are currently a mid-level college team floundering around,” Gingrich said. “This is a fundamental re-thinking on how you relate to the American people.”

Yet again, this is a somewhat correct statement from Gingrich. It's correct in that Republicans are doing politics wrong. But it's obsessing over the delivery method at the expense of content. Gingrich believes the Obama campaign outsmarted the Republicans with technology. And that's very true. But technology alone can't win a presidential race, in the same way that exorbitant conservative super PAC spending couldn't sell a weak, unlikable candidate to a nation. The Republican message is old-fashioned and Americans aren't interested in what they have to say. Americans simply don't believe that lowering taxes on the rich will improve the economy for everyone. They don't believe that business will regulate themselves. All the Facebook wizardry in the world can't fix that problem.