Rumors That Alison Holcomb May Run for City Council


I like Alison a lot and she would be great on the City Council - but not at the expense of O'Brien or Licata. We should not eat our own. If this city had a true progressive or left-wing movement there would be more countervailing pressure to push someone like her away from doing something so stupid as to run against either of them. Why not wait two years and take on Tim Burgess or Jean Godden?
Holcomb for Mayor!!
She should run against Dreyfuss/Conlin!
She would be an amazing councilmember. I hope she doesn't run against O'Brien, he seems like he'd be a great ally on the council, but I'd happily volunteer on her campaign against any of the others.

Fuck that lying sack of shit. I will work for whomever runs against her. Filthy lying piece of dog turd.
@5 insightful and full of detailed explainations. Thank you. Now it's time for you to "Lip sync for your LIFE!!"
Alison is a solid candidate - she'd have my support. If Hawke is an example of her opposition, she should have no trouble. The tourettes vote is pretty miniscule.
Allsion would be a solid candidate and a fine council member, She would certainly have my support. She's a strong supporter of freedom and justice, a hard worker and a good person. If Hawke is an example of her opposition, she'd do fine. The tourettes vote is pretty miniscule.
I wouldn't vote for her to unseat O'Brien. But I would definitely vote for her to unseat Bagshaw or Conlin. Or if she is setting herself up for later, I wouldn't mind dumping just about the entire slate of council members up for re-election in 2 years.
Holcomb has shown that she has guts and the fortitude to take on the establishment. She has already done more to advance common-sense legislation than anyone currently seated on the Council.

What has Sally Bagshaw accomplished in her tenure, besides costing the City millions?
@6: Great take-down of @5!
#9: "I wouldn't mind dumping just about the entire slate of council members up for re-election in 2 years."

If Seattle Districts Now's Charter Amendment No. 19 gets sufficient signatures and passes in November, it would put ALL NINE council positions on the ballot--seven districts and two at large.

Please come to SDN's signature gathering kick off this Wednesday (Feb 20). Details at
@10 :Bagshaw helped get SPD's surveillance cameras out of Cal Anderson Park. I was satisfied with her reaction to the matter once it was brought to her attention.
@13, Bagshaw only agreed to the removal of those cameras AFTER the ACLU insisted that they had to go. She originally sponsored legislation which would have made the cameras permanent.
I don't give a shit who she takes on, so long as she wins. Sitting council members can take care of themselves, from low-hanging fruit to most well fortified. Her job is to get elected, and if that means Nick or Mike go get stuffed that's their fault, not hers.
Bagshaw is one of the best things going on the city council. She's doing great work on the waterfront and on gun control right now.
BTW, Publicola has more details up about the robo-call. Sounds like somebody is looking to take down one or both of the Mikes by peeling away social justice types from their base(s).
Oh, c'mon! There are a lot of qualified, ambitious, politically adept women in Seattle. They are also smart enough to know that Seattle politics is a dead end. The last Seattle mayor to move up was Arthur B. Langlie in 1940. The last city council member to move up was...Ooops! Never happened.
I received the poll call the other night.
It was so obviously a pro-holcolm poll that I voted against her in the poll even though I might actually vote for her in reality. The wording of her stances just rubbed me the wrong way.
Holcomb vs Bagshaw.
Dom takes Conlin's seat.


Encourage Alison to challenge Richard Conlin in 2013 by liking this page! Alison would make a great addition to the progressive wing that currently exists on the council in Licata and O'Brien!
Now that Holcolm admits that she'd like to end medical cannabis here in Washington, the patients will be happy to support ANYONE running against her. By November, the LCB will still be trying to sort out the debaucle created by I-502 and we'll have a whole bumper crop of new per se DUID victims willing join the fight.

She might want to try "Dog Catcher" instead of Mayor....then Dom could be her lap dog for real. Go fetch, Dom!