I don't play console video games or MMORPGs—I simply don't have the time, what with all the books and movies—but the look of Bungie's new project, Destiny, has me drooling. Take a look at this promotional trailer:

The Polygon says:

Players will explore our solar system in Bungie's new first-person shooter, crafting personal stories as they travel Destiny's surreal, fantastic places.

As Guardians, players will battle alien species with exotic names like Sandeaters, War Rhinos and Spider Pirates. They'll wage war with time-traveling robots and evil space zombies. They'll have shared, social experiences that complement a crafted, mythic science-fiction universe.

The production art looks gorgeous, and I love the fact that this is a completely new science-fiction universe that seems to embrace any number of sci-fi concepts and feeds them into one huge storyline. If the actual game is anywhere near the pre-release hype, this looks like the kind of game that could completely ruin my life. But what do you think?