What Do You Think of the Destiny Preview?


You forgot to list "Another way for hipster males to avoid taking on adult responsiblities like caring for their fellow human beings and socializing with real people"
I know bungie can weave an interesting story. I was sad to see them get bogged down in mutliple halo sequels once they got bought up by Microsoft but their previous body of work shows that they are pretty good at making intriguing worlds and following up on some of their higher concept promises. Remember, the original Halo was considered to be pretty impressive on a technical and conceptual level. Amazing AI, huge spaces in which there was no loading, and great tactical choices plus some.

I hope it's "destined" for a next gen console but I've heard rumors of it being a 360/PS3 game.
My wariness comes from the "new ideas" they say they are implementing. These aren't very new ideas, in fact, so many MMOs promise these and then never properly implement them that they are still considered "new".

I throw a month or two at most MMOs so I'll likely play it, though I'm more excited for the Elder Scrolls MMO.
This game looks like it could be everything I ever dreamed about since Gravitar..

I am curious as to how the MMO element will work. Clearly this should be action-based combat, so massive-world engagement will be limited. Also, Rival human factions?

Live from Kent...it's Mr. Technical Difficult (combination morning schock jock, but done with video game chats and screen captures):

So... you're a soldier killing aliens, humanity's only hope, and there's a mysterious big round thing in the sky? How is this not like Halo?
Some of those Bungie guys look old enough to remember Richard Garriot making similar promises when Ultima Online was still under development.
Am I the only one to notice that every single person "interviewed" in the video were white men? Do they not have a single woman or minority working at Bungie besides the janitors?

Meh. I'll wait until the movie comes out.
@9, you remind me of the 30 Rock line when a baseball team of poor minority kids visited Jack at work. One boy exclaimed in wonder, "some day I'll have an office like this to clean."
@8 Seconded.
@6, I agree. In watching the video, I kept waiting for them to describe something that didn't sound like Halo, rehashed. SF may a a limited set of tropes, but there are more than three of them for fuck's sake. Elder Scrolls online, Neverwinter, and the new SimCity are my votes for timesucking awesomeness.
It sounds like they're doing more minimal multiplayer, glorified co-op, spreading player controlled entities among a mostly NPC-populated world, so that actual human interaction is unusual if not arranged by the players.

So.. a Borderlands MMO without the humor.
Four and a half minute video and about ten seconds of actual gameplay.

Concept art is great, but Colonial Marines had concept art, that's that's a fucking bomb.

Everything about the game is just sci fi cliche after sci fi cliche ripped off from other games and books. That's not bad in and of itself. Halo did it. Fallout did it better. What matters is gameplay.
The only game I am looking forward to is Bioshock Infinite.
Never, ever invest any emotional attachment to an MMO until after it has come out, and even then, wait at least six months after release before jumping in.
"Spider Pirate" is not exotic.
Some of the details are interesting, and so far I love most of the artwork, but I don't see anything to really get me excited. This is in such an early stage of development that it's hard to get too invested. This is going to be released for the next-gen consoles rumored to be rolling out later this year, and if they have absolutely no game play footage to show, I'd guess it's at least a year off.

@1: Since when is escapism totally off-limits? And, for the record, when a single franchise has multiple titles in the franchise that boast combined sales of over fifty million copies, in addition to numerous books, comic books, action figures, anime series and pajamas, you can hardly call its fans "hipsters".
@1: "You forgot to list "Another way for hipster males to avoid taking on adult responsiblities like caring for their fellow human beings and socializing with real people""

Hipsters don't play videogames, they wax nostalgic for games that existed before they were born.
The game play involves your own smartphone? I don't think they understand the concept of escapism.

Here they drop you in a world where you have crazily futuristic weapons and spacecraft, yet in this world you communicate via your 2013 iPhone, tapping out letters on a qwerty keyboard, no less. Lame.
@20: That is a point of disappointment. It looks like what Dragon Age was promising for its revolutionary "immersion". Oooooohhh, Facebook updates from the game! How modern.

I'm interested, but I want a game, not a social media ecosystem.
@1: You may as well say the same about books, movies, music, and Slog. At the root, it is all about forgetting your world and visiting another for a small period of time.

Escapism makes the real world and its pains more tolerable, and its joys that much more vivid.
I don't get the appeal. If you wanted this game why not just be playing planetside 2? Oh wait consoles are from the previous gaming generation right? You can't play the cool new free to play MMO's? You still have to buy $60 games that will charge you for pixels? Interesting relic from the past, but have they got to the point of explaining to you all the loading screens? Haha
@8, @11

I work there. I have a vagina.
Promotional-trailer = Garbage.

Don't even watch that crap. If it isn't a gameplay trailer then you are a monster.