Blade Runner Shot His Girlfriend Because He Did Not Have His Legs On


Uh, there are black SPD officers. I see one of them every day.
I don't get why, if his girlfriend was there and they'd gone to sleep together, his first thought on waking in the middle of the night was "there is definitely an intruder hanging out in my bathroom!" and not "my girlfriend is probably using the bathroom."
...and the bloody cricket bat?

this guy is rightfully toast.
He is not credible and not sympathetic and he deserves prison.
@1, does 'lots' not mean anything anymore?
I'm with Jen (#2) - if you live with someone, hear a noise in the bathroom, look over and that person is not in bed with you, you'd assume that's who is in the bathroom and go back to sleep.

Very odd.
@4 agreed about Charles, but I'm not sure it's a jailable offense
@2, 6,
He's probably lying, that's why.
@2, @6, @8

But you'd think that because you have legs. If you didn't have legs, you'd feel vulnerable and you would act instinctively to protect yourself. Obviously, you haven't paid attention to his explanation.
Charles, the 2012 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index ranked South Africa 69th out of 176 countries.

So are you saying that your higher percentage of black police officers is a good thing, but have a higher instance of corruption than other officers? (slow clapping) Way to go man, you are one brilliant-ass commie.

Who cares what race the officer is? As long as they are honorable, fight crime and follow the law.

Judging from the picture you provided, "lots" means "two." And they don't wear uniforms.
@5, "lots" surely means "more than two". Your link introduced us to two black SA police officers, sort of. There are more than two in the SPD. I don't think this case has introduced us to much, to be honest.
Oh Charles, I think I have a new perspective on your always strange take on the stories you post - you can never leave Seattle and live in a spot where black people aren't a huge minority - then you'd have no excuse for the ridiculously large chip on your shoulder that you use to prop up your career. It's tiring. And you seem smart enough to post things without always making whitey feel bad about himself. Knock it off.
People keep guns because they're afraid. But even with a gun in their hand, they're so terrified by a bump in the night that they start blasting away at things they can't see.

Fear is something that lives inside you. You can't make the fear go away by pulling out your credit card at the gun counter and buying a gadget.
If you ain't afraid, you ain't paying attention Cthulu (or are just plain dumb).
Not being rude to the other abled, but if he didn't have his legs on, how did he prop himself up to fire the gun?

Also, were the bullet trajectories at an upward angle?
@9 Not being an amputee, I can't speak to how I'd feel if I didn't have my legs on. However, if I was in bed and heard someone I thought might be an intruder, having a gun in my hands would give me enough feeling of security without blasting four holes in a bathroom door.

And if I was in bed and I heard someone moving in the house, the first thing I'd do would be check the other side of the bed, to make sure it wasn't my husband.
Roid Rage paranoia? Will the special twinkie defense work here?
I have two theories about what really happened.

1. He and the girlfriend had a fight and she ran into the bathroom to get away from the crazy guy waving a gun around.

2. He Ambien-murdered her in the waking haze of a sleep hallucination. He really did think it was a burglar. But if that's what happened, why not admit it and use that as the defence? So I'm going with theory #1.
Cities with a lot of black people tend to have a lot of black cops. Atlanta certainly comes to mind.

But even for them...the most relevant color tends to be blue.
Sounds kind of like PTSD.
You have a good sense of humor, Charles. We'll see if anyone buys his "I thought she was an intruder" argument.
@16, @17: He's a below-knee amputee in both legs. He can walk without prosthetics. He's six feet tall with prosthetics, probably around five feet without them. And he's a world-class athlete who can run 200 metres in 21 seconds. Not having his walking legs on does not render him immobile, and without them he would only be marginally more vulnerable than with them.

We'll see how this all shakes out in court... but "I felt vulnerable because I didn't have my legs" does not have the ring of truth to it. I know and work with many people with disabilities, most far more severe than Pistorius. To date, none of them have shot anyone because they felt vulnerable.
This is why amputees shouldn't have access to firearms.

Er, I was being sarcastic, too, by the way.
1) Please don't call him "Blade Runner". That's sick.

2) He's lying. Why are you shocked.
Why is it sick to call him Blade Runner? That's his nickname. That's what he was called in every magazine and newspaper article and TV show about him during the Olympics. Regardless of what's happening now ... that's his nickname. Because he runs on blades.

Yes, he's probably lying.
There are lots of black cops in America. We just lower the threshold for passing scores on tests until enough qualify.
It's sick because that was a great movie. And it's a stupid media label hung on him to sell papers and magazines. Now that he's a public monster, it's time to use his name.

Can you think of a killer named after a work of art?

Another oddity: his explanation is that the door was locked so he had to break down the door to get in once he realized it was his girlfriend. Now maybe his girlfriend was one of those people who can't do their business without having the door locked even when it is not necessary, but I feel like most people who get up in the middle of the night to pee are probably not going to lock the door. Close it, yes, but not lock it. But she would definitely lock it if they were in a fight and she was scared. It's not proof of anything, of course, but it is kinda suspicious.

It's not so odd. Lots of people are shitty liars.

Bloody cricket bat.

His first call after murdering his girlfriend was to his family, not the police.

There were earlier complaints/reports of abuse.

Kind of suspicious? The guy is a murderer and a (shitty) liar. The only question now is whether the South African courts are competent enough to convict the motherfucker. Given what happened with their rapist scumbag president, I'm not counting on a conviction.
If the legs don't fit, ya gotta acquit!
"then you'd have no excuse for the ridiculously large chip on your shoulder that you use to prop up your career."

Are you kidding? Chuckles entire shtick is predicated on milking stupid, guilty, white liberals in Seattle. He wouldn't last 5 minutes around actual black people.
I can't decide who is the bigger liar. Pistorius and his "I thought she was a burglar" lie, or Scott Walker and his "my butt typed "bqhatevwr" randomly and the fact I then typed "whatever" is a total coincidence, I was not drunk" lie. Both bare-faced lying liars.
@30 So afraid of being caught mid-business am I, I almost always lock the bathroom door. It protects my dignity from those 'forgot to knock' types, like my toddler.
It's probably too late for JenV to see this, but screw it.

@ 30, people who are in the habit of locking the door will always lock the door because of habit. Time of day doesn't factor into it. Likelihood of being barged in upon doesn't, either. When someone is taught as a kid to always lock, they always lock.

Personally, I broke myself of that habit as a young adult because I once realized that if I slipped in the bathroom and cracked my head, or else were somehow to fall victim to a freak accident, I wouldn't want a locked door preventing someone from coming to give me aid, or discovering that something was wrong if they hadn't heard me fall or call out or whatever. Every second counts in situations like that.

This is all completely beside the point of whether Pistorius murdered his girlfriend, but what's an online discussion without digression?