City Council Will Discuss Reconfirming Police Chief


Fuck the Police!!

Make sure to hold McGinns feet to the fire for also doing nothing when it comes to the SPD lawsuit-o-matic. Remember how he hasnt shown any leadership in dealing with these problems? Always delegating the problems to Diaz and occasionally pointing to his awesome 20/20 plan that has yet to yield any measurable results.
Every department head in the city except the fire chief and police chief are subject to periodic reconfirmation by the city council.

Cienna, why is this?
I've met Diaz, and he seems like a decent guy and I don't think he's doing a terrible job. That said, SPD is in desperate need of serious reforms, and Diaz has not exactly stepped up to the plate. He's doing an adequate job managing the police department, but a reformer he is not. If he can't provide leadership to pursue the serious reforms SPD is required to undertake, he needs to be replaced by someone who will.
Most of what little interactions I've had with the SPD in my ten years in Seattle have been extremely negative.

Fuck 'em!
Love it. Finally common sense prevails. Good for Harrell listening to the people. Accountability at the top for SPD is long overdue.
Police Chief Diaz has done as much for the city of Seattle as the mayor who appointed him. Diaz and McGinn both need to be replaced in the next year.
Is SLOG considering doing a live tweet of this discussion as it did for the drones meeting? I would follow - even if nothing interesting happens.
Personally, I think shitting in Sally Clark's mouth should be a prerequisite for any executive level city job.
Oops I meant Bagshaw, not Clark. But, fuck it. Shit on both of em.
Fire Diaz.
I like that the first item in your "various scandals" turned out to not actually be a scandal ( outside review found the force justified) and your second "scandal" was just a spokesperson blowing off your hack boss. Kudos on the ace reporting, kiddo.
So, why do we elect our county Sheriff but not our Chief of Police?