The Monorail's Flaw was That It wasn't Gimmicky Enough: A few transit nerds propose building a series of gondolas connecting Capitol Hill to Belltown, and from the waterfront to the Convention Center. They've even repurposed the doomed Monorail's slogan, “Rise above it all, for real this time."

Man Allegedly Assaults Seattle Taxi Driver with Box Cutter: "A canine track led directly to the suspect who was hiding underneath a parked car," reports SPD Blotter.

10-Cent State Gas Hike? Washington State already has one of the highest gas taxes in the country, now lawmakers are considering hiking it a little higher.

Meanwhile, Obama Presses for Tax Hikes Nationally: The president is pressuring Republicans to pass tax increases on the wealthy and avoid the automatic, across-the-board budget cuts scheduled to hit the government next month.

Pistorius Denies Murdering His Girlfriend: According to the track star, he heard a noise in the bathroom, grabbed his gun, and walked on his stumps—not his prosthetic legs—to the door, where he fired four rounds, thinking there was a burglar. "I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder, let alone premeditated," reads his affidavit.

Precious Moments, Reborn Again: Meet the women who collect eerily lifelike newborn baby dolls, called Reborns, throw them baby showers, and take them grocery shopping and on airplanes.

China Is Scheming: Virtual espionage! Hacking attacks! Cyber warriors!

The "Witches" of Papua New Guinea: Women who have land worth stealing, women whose husbands have died or abused them, and women who live on the margins of their community are being raped, tortured, and burned as witches. The attacks are growing more common: "Ritual attacks on accused sorcerers... appear to have broken out of traditional boundaries, and now crop up in communities where they have no history," reports Australia's the Global Mail.

Can George Clooney Account for His Whereabouts? Belgian prosecutors are calling Monday's $350-million diamond heist the most brazen and valuable in a decade.

"This technology is coming whether we like it or not": Exploring the pitfalls of 3-D printers, Yoda, and intellectual property law.

Makerbot runs a website called Thingiverse where people can share their digital designs for 3-D printers. It turns out a lot of the items people are designing, copying and printing on Thingiverse — like Star Wars action figures or Pixar's famous lamp — are actually protected by copyright.