PNB Impresses NYT


I really like katrat's drawings. If she hasn't been in the New Yorker yet, she oughta be.
It's great to hear the PNB getting good reviews. I haven't seen as many shows as I would like, but I have enjoyed the shows I have seen.

However, does the opinion of New York critics hold more sway than say the opinion of The Stranger's critics?
@2, you have to ask?
@ 2. No, not really. I just thought it was nice that they—and especially their orchestra—got a warm welcome.
Brendan Kiley is the Sally Field of Seattle... “You like me, you really like me!”
Glad to see our Romeo & Juliet get national kudos. The performance I saw was so well done,very moving!
Having seen Romeo et Juliet, I was glad to read that the NYT critic also noticed the juvenile obsession with breasts in the PNB production. It was a jarring note to an otherwise perfect experience.