ACLU Seeking Testimony from Patients Who've Been Denied Care at Religious Hospitals


I've just never understood why an organization of dudes who promise to never knock up a woman are so concerned with other people's genitalia...
@1 Because people want what they can't have?

Or alternately: "If I don't get to have any sexy time fun then neither does anyone else." These people don't believe in sex for pleasure because they've never done it.
I can hear the threats by the church now. "If you force us to provide...blah,blah,blah we'll close our hospitals!"
Ugh, just read the article and that's fucked up. In a just world, if both the patient and physician are not Catholic, they can decide their own health care. But no, the Catholic bishops have to get their filthy, hypocritical hands into everything.

Does the ACLU have any legal standing to sue? It sounds they'd have to get new regulations passed to combat this.
Catholic Hospitals: "But, but, but what about our religious freedom??? Now please send us more federal dollars so that we can continue to proselytize our covenants."
Don't forget Swedish Hospital agreed to these conditions when it merged with Providence, so you may think Swedish has no Catholic affiliation, but be prepared to have your living will and final directives ignored if you are about to die at Swedish. They will give lip service to you but then ignore your instructions. Same crap on contraception and abortion.
@1 because controlling bodily functions and human biology is a very effective way to control people and societies.
Can you explain how it's relevant that the Vatican bishops are "mostly white"? Thanks.
why doesn't the aclu open some hospitals where they can slaughter babies and old people to their heart's content?

@9: Aw, muffin... You had to work really hard for that one, didn't you? I could almost feel the sweaty effort it took for you to get that out. Kinda like Elvis on his last crapper.
"...separate procreation from the marital act in its unitive significance."

For Mary it's a miracle, but for everyone else, it's an abomination. Got it.
@4 "Does the ACLU have any legal standing to sue?"

Often the ACLU does not, so they could do something like "[Seek] Testimony from Patients Who've Been Denied Care at Religious Hospitals" and then provide them with free representation.