Like a lot of reporters, I get some unusual mail: Letters from prison, letters from drug people, letters from folks who want to stay anonymous and/or don't trust email, letters from all kinds of people I didn't used to correspond with before I started working at a newspaper.

  • the envelope

So I thought nothing of getting an envelope with no return address. Just another day on the farm.

But the letter inside confused me:

  • the letter

As the addendum says, this is "a form rejection letter," presumably sent by an actor who auditioned for Middletown. But why did the actor send it to me? I don't see anything wrong with it. It's one of the most polite rejection letters I've ever read—I wish I got rejection letters like that.

I tried stringing the first letters of each sentence together, but that only spelled "TIIT MWAM." What is up with this letter?