Sanctions are tightening and loosening, threats are flying, and the only infographics available to explain the ongoing conflict with Iran is Israeli prime minister Netanyahu's 5th grade-level bomb illustration. Reliable information on Iran is becoming increasingly difficult to come by.

That's why you should go to "Iran: the Nuclear Impasse and the Prospect of War," at 7 p.m. on Thursday at Capitol Hill's St. Mark's Cathedral. While there, you will hear from a panel of local experts on why they believe "negotiations are the only path to resolve conflict with Iran. Military confrontations and acts of terror like assassinations and cyber-terror will fail."

Speakers will include local activist and author of Tikun Olam, Richard Silverstein; president of the Iranian-American Council's Washington chapter, Reza Firouzbakht; and the former president of United Nation's Association's Seattle chapter, Dick Blakney.

No war, no sanctions. Diplomacy is the only solution.

(PS — This is one of dozens of AWESOME EVENTS that appear on The Stranger's very own hot-buttered, fudge-slathered politics-and-news calendar.)