Johnny Depp Adopted by the Comanche Nation


So now he really is Native American. Hah!
Charles, you're making it seem like the only native American issue you care about is cultural appropriation. Lots of Jonny Depth as a Native American post, no post on actual native issues (which is weird cause Washington state has a big native population). When another culture/race has many real issues that are being ignored, and you only pay attention to the culture appropriate issue, isn't that a form of culture appropriation? You're not caring about their actual issues, you're just wanting to use their history for your own outrage.
The 1491s are ruthless and hilarious
#2: When you only are concerned about bloggers not blogging about the right topics, aren't you ignoring the many real issues that people face? Why don't you care about children dying from malaria, are you a monster demon?
I was discussing the other day that since America has completely urbanized with 90% of people living in 30 "urbs" would it not be unthinkable to give back large parts of our territory to the tribes since much of it is now uninhabited anyway?

Possible benefits would include free border patrolling of illegal immigration (tomahawk speak louder than helicopter).

These new reservations (nations really) could be open to non natives, like theme or national parks. Like Johnny Depp you could also renounce civilization and live as the elders did, hunting buffalo, watching stars at night...
Of the the white celebrities that claim Native American ancestry, most all of them self identify as Cherokees directly descended from a full-blooded princess. It's a surprise that Johnny Depp dares to identify with the less-cool Comanche Nation.
@4 Its not that Charles is blogging on the wring topics, its that the only native American topic he and the rest of slog bloggers writes about is cultural appropriation. Only paying attention to a culture to express outrage when that culture is being appropriate is a in itself cultural appropriation. Only caring about a native Americans when a non-native dresses as a native is just as bad as the non-native dressing as a native. They're both ignorant of native issues and using native culture for their own gain without actually caring about natives.