And it's all in the same video!

My favorite part is when he says "Anyone ever hear of pocket tweet, pocket dial? I mean it was pretty simple. I mean, I have an iPhone 5. If anyone has iPhone 5, the keys are small. It’s very, very sensitive. Ayla was teaching me how to get on Facebook and Twitter, and there were some areas I didn’t really understand. So, after her concert, we were here in the living room and responded to a couple of people and then put it in my pocket. The next thing I wake up and it’s trending worldwide."

And then that little couch rat walks by.

That just sounds like a shoddy attempt at evasion in a sit-down with a reporter who is clearly smitten with him. Plus, if it was your pocket, how did your pocket type actual words? He's also "learning how to play guitar"—can't you see it awkwardly placed in the background behind him?

Via Washington Post