The Republican/Teabagger Fight Drags On


Shorter GOP: "Get off, my astroturf!"
Wow, they found a way to create a version of ALEC that's even MORE anti-democracy?
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Originally I wanted to drive the teabaggers out, but the more I see perhaps the republican membership needs to drive out the 1990s era figureheads and leadership who are hanging us up on no-win social conservative issues.

We can only lose if we don't fully support:

Gay Marriage
Pro Choice as enumberated in Roe v. Wage
Pro Labor and higher minimum wage
A pathway to Work Visas

All of these are in keeping with the original republican values of free land, free labor, free men.
Golly gee, I'm confused. Wasn't most of Newt's last presidential run bankrolled by a Billionaire?
Unions need to call for boycotts of things like Northern Tissue.
"I am unalterably opposed to a bunch of billionaires financing a boss to pick candidates in 50 states.”

Um, Sheldon Adelson much?

Oh, I see. It's OK if it's *exactly one* billionaire. Just so's it's not "a bunch." Got it!
So the Cock brothers will attempt to block legislation that was upheld by the Supreme Court. Nice.
@4--John, the last people who called themselves "Republican" and held those values were shot shortly after the 2000 Republican Convention. The bodies are buried in a shallow mass grave outside Palm Beach.
Y'all think that the Dumbocrats DON'T have a political machine similar to this one being formed up?

Think Chicago...