Anti-Gay Bigots in Sullivan, Indiana, Put Their Facebook Page Back Up


Someone needs to explain Freedom of Association to Danny.
There seems to be a ) missing.
Hello, Applebee's? I need to reserve a table for 16 people...
No is trying to prevent them from associating. They can associate the shit out of each other. We're merely commenting on their association—freedom of association meet freedom of speech.

Poor Danny can't stand the fact that someone doesn't like him....
The quality of the trolling here has really taken a hit. Just saying.

Once again it is proved that sunlight is the best way to scatter roaches and kill mildew. Works for the 2 legged varieties of vermin and slime just as effectively.

Dan, you are the Sun. Keep shining your light on the dark places.
@1 I saw this article just yesterday and knew I should save the link for just such an occasion! Peruse it at your leisure and when you actually understand the first amendment, come back and your posts will be less stupid. Hopefully.

wow, we see why it jumped out at you, it's like they put your name in the title....

perhaps you meant to direct your comment to Danny, he is the one citing the First.
@8 I know going from logical point A to point B is very hard for you, so allow me to put it very, very plainly.

They have the right to assemble anywhere. The FBI is not busting down their doors arresting them for their prom. We, however, have a right to call them stupid and bigoted and hateful. They can respond too!

All of this is what freedom is. If "Danny Boy" had tried to call the cops and report them for some crime, then he would be stomping on their freedom to assemble. He is not, and alluding otherwise makes you look stupid.

That's how it works.
Why bother the FBI?

Just get them all fired.

Right Danny Boy?
@11 Freedom in action baby.

Freedom of Speech/Assembly is not Freedom from Consequences. If you had read the article I linked to, it might make a bit more sense.


Freedom from Consequences.....

Is that sort of like getting yourself knocked up and then murdering your baby?

Or is it engaging in promiscuous sex and then whining that someone hasn't cured the AIDS you got?

Is that it?
Sigh...because there are absolutely no consequences to those things. It's not like assholes like yourself constantly belittle them, or call them things like murderers, sluts, and faggots.

Nope. They have 0 consequences from the general public.

you missed the point.

go get your mommy and we'll explain it to her for you.
17 hominem.

You always know the debate is over when one person says "You just don't understand!"

Let's play again sometime.
the Admin is using Christian rock bands for some "very encourageing" uplifting. They all deserve each other. And of course, being rebuked in the public sphere has only made them into the martyrs they so love to be.
you missed the point ≠ you don't understand
Dan, in all fairness, in addition to any straight junior or senior, I expect the prom organizers would also welcome ex-gays and closet cases.
Wait a minute people! Newsbusters is totally right. Leaders of major religious organizations and/or heads of state face a lot of really harsh treatment and it takes a toll.

Perhaps we could start a project wherein former holders of powerful positions could relate their own experiences and send encouraging messages to current ones so that vulnerable people like Pope Benedict XVI might take heart and have the courage to face such persecution.

I think it'd really take off.
@7, 10, 12, 15, 17:

Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.
@22 I hardly think of annoying a pig as a waste of time. It's quite fun, actually!
@23 LOL
@13... "get yourself" knocked up? Has no one ever explained to you how babies are made?
@7 Handy article. It has one grammatical error, though. Instead of saying, "The Right to Anonymity," I'm pretty sure they meant, "The Loss of Anonymity."

Sooo... Who fed the troll a bowl of Lucky Charms and Pepsi? He be hyper.

ask the million women who kill their babies every year.
ask the hundreds of federal and state legislators who make sure that millions of kids go without enough food, clothes, shelter and medical care every year.

did those legislators father all those millions of children and then not provide for them?

you sick twisted fuck.....