Matt Dillon's Bar Sajor (pronounced SIGH-your) opens today at 4 p.m. in Pioneer Square, on Occidental Park at Jackson (next to Temple Billiards for your pool-shooting convenience). It's a bar in the Spanish or Portuguese sense of being a bar, Dillon says, "a casual place for simple food"—one where you stop by for lunch (which starts on Monday) or after work, and have a conversation and a drink and a snack or supper, instead of, say, drinking until you can't see straight at 2 a.m. (Pioneer Square's already set for that). The space is open and airy and lovely, and the wood-fired rotisserie, which will hold dozens of burnishing chickens, is all ready to go. (My brother says that in Mexico these kinds of rotisseries are nicknamed "dog TVs.")

This is Matt Dillon of Sitka & Spruce and the Corson Building (and Food & Wine's 10 best new chefs in 2007, and James Beard Best Chef Northwest 2012).

Here is part of a preliminary version of the menu:


More menu (plus what the hell a chuleton de buey is) after the jump. EXCITING.

A chuleton de buey is a big-ass Spanish-style grilled ribsteak for two.