Bar Sajor Opens This Evening, and Here's a Look at the Menu


A duck egg cooked in the oven with some beans is SIXTEEN DOLLARS! This is a joke right? I understand that spending money is very hip and trendy and It's done very well in DC. I guess this means that it's better to cater to the 1% than the other percent because the 99% won't pay $16 for a duck egg and some beans. See everyone thinks only of those with money.
think a rotisserie chicken is $40 on mexican dog tv?

i'm sure it's great but sweet jesus, the price.
The duck egg is also a vegetable, which I'm pretty sure is not true...
If you can afford to eat here you aren't paying nearly enough in taxes.

Seriously...fucking outrageous prices!!! They better be amazing and attract the Amazon crowd or it's gonna close by Christmas
Sorry, but no.
$40 dollars for a rotisserie chicken? Completely reasonable.
80 bucks for chuleton and Basque cider? That amount of money will pay for two meals at a proper cider house in the Basque Country, with all you can drink cider and loads of food (chuleton, cod omelette, cod and green peppers and walnuts, cheese and membrillo (quince) for dessert).
Dried ham from Iowa. Who knew?
If you see Will, tell him about the cider, and away he'll go.
Considering I can go down the street and spend 36 on a WHOLE roasted chicken at Pichet. When the FUCK did a side of vegetables become 9 dollars? That isn't rhetorical! I really want someone to answer it for me, because it seems to be on point at a slew of new eateries. Yet, standby's like Tilikum have amazing veg sides for FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS. I can't wait for carrots to be "m/p". For fucks sake.
@10: so only $4 difference between whole chickens? maybe it's not so outrageous, then. a whole chicken can feed 4. bet it doesn't cost that much in a casual bar in portugal, though.

i love my weber genesis grill with it's rotisserie attachment more every day.
This is not a menu compatible with being a "casual place with simple food".
@11, a casual bar in Portugal doesn't have to pay Seattle rents or wages.

Hey, by submitting this content, I had to agree to The Stranger's terms of use. That's new. I wonder if that's a result of me telling 5280 to shoot himself in the head.
That tea sounds amazing. Good for headaches and cramps, I'll bet. No thank you to the $40 chicken though!
Had the chicken at a preview dinner, I am still thinking about it days later. It is fucking delicious. And, the cod! So good.

Le Pichet clocks in at $36, Ma'Ono sells their delectable bird for $39. A good quality chicken at the grocer will set you back $20 and it's raw! $40 for Matt's juicy yardbird is totally worth it.

@15 - and you paid how much for that soft opening preview dinner? This is seriously too expensive for chicken regardless of the pedigree albeit the rent is probably high, yadda yadda yadda. Does that mean the prices at the Courson Bldg. should be less because the rent is less?

For some delicious bird, go up the street to Rainer and Charles at San Fernando Roasted Chicken. Or for that matter, get it fried at the Shell station on Beacon Ave. (also about 10 minutes away) for this...yet another expensive Seattle eatery.
1/Sargon: I understand that spending money is very hip and trendy and It's done very well in DC.

There are a lot of people in this area who make a shitload of money. Prices at a place like this are nothing to them.
Meh, 8.99 will get you a delicious roasted bird, with choice of lemon rosemary, or plain salt and pepper or herbs de provence, at Whole Foods. For that much dough, I want something better than a chicken
Restaurant reviewers -- who never pay for meals out of their own pockets -- get tingles in their nether regions writing about places like this.
Chicken cooked on rotisserie... Costco $4.99 done just prefect every time.