Last Friday February 15, a young Delridge man decided to attend an "unsupervised" party with his sister. However, he soon became "bored" with the packed party—filled with 100 "bigger, older, smoking" people—so the young man of indeterminate age decided to "walk home by himself", explains a Seattle police report.

But he made it a mere four blocks before one of the party-going elders reportedly chased him down. The victim was allegedly pushed between two houses by a man in his 20s holding a black handgun.

"Empty your pockets or I'll shoot you," the alleged robber warned, according to the report. In response, the victim pulled a $89 cellphone out of his pocket and dropped it in the grass. "Get out of here," the suspect then stated.

The victim complied. He ran home and called the police.

Detectives report that they found a man matching the description of the suspect at the same party the now phoneless victim had attended. Witnesses at the party reported that the suspect was seen "flashing a gun in his waistband," the report states.

Police arrested him on suspicion of robbery. Meanwhile, a witness at the party called the victim's phone number and "the phone in the detained males pocket started ringing," the report states.

At the station, police deemed the suspect's handgun to be a plastic Smith and Wesson replica, although it "looked real," police noted.