The talented but pompous little worm.
  • Debby Wong /
  • The talented but pompous little worm.
Sixteen games into this year's NHL season, and the Chicago Blackhawks have yet to lose one. They've gone into overtime or shootouts three times (most recently Tuesday night against the Canucks, which was a burly game!), but they've always pulled out a victory. And their Tuesday win meant they tied the Anaheim Ducks' NHL record of "16 straight games to begin a season without a regulation loss."

Crazy! But I can't wait to see them lose. They play the Sharks tomorrow night, and I really hope they lose. (Which might be unlikely because the Sharks, while they started out strong, haven't been doing well. But! On Tuesday they finally broke their losing streak, so maybe things are looking up?)

I mean, I'm torn. I like to see hockey history happen, but I really dislike Patrick Kane. I really, really do. Fuck you, Patrick Kane, you talented but pompous little worm.

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