It's too good to be true:

Built in 1828 by architects James Bucklin and Russell Warren, the Greek Revival structure was the nation’s first enclosed shopping mall. It became a National Historic Landmark in 1976, but by 2010 had made the Providence Preservation Society’s 10 Most Endangered Buildings list.

Working with J. Michael Abbott of Northeast Collaborative Architects, developer Evan Granoff sliced up the Arcade’s two upper floors into 48 apartments. Thirty-eight are micro—between 225 and 450 square feet—a scale that brings the new spaces closer in line with the mall’s 1828 design, according to Granoff. “It’s allowing us basically to put the building back to what it was when it was built...”

But it's for real!

Finally, a place for the ghost of Walter Benjamin to roam. Again, anyone who is serious about the future of humankind has to take micro-living seriously. The American way, at a global scale, only leads to our extinction. We need to see this as the only way to our survival.