Guns don't kill people, people in SUVs kill people.

LAS VEGAS — Three people were killed and at least three others were hurt in a rolling shootout that ultimately ended in a fiery crash at a busy intersection on the Las Vegas Strip, according to media reports.

A police spokesman told CNN that a person in a black Ranger Rover Sport opened fire on a Maserati around 4:20 a.m., killing the driver and wounding a passenger. The Maserati then crashed into a taxi and four other cars.

The taxi caught fire and the cab driver and a passenger were killed, according to a local television report. The SUV left the scene, according to the Associated Press.

See, if you didn't have SUVs and Maseratis, this gunplay would've taken place on foot, and good guys with guns would've handled the whole situation, right? And the collateral damage of the cabbie and his passenger? They would've lived if they'd just been pedestrians, too. Clearly, the internal combustion engine is the problem here. But I suppose that if you outlaw cars, only outlaws will drive cars.